Rules of the Game

Crypto Go is a card drafting game.

The game is usually organized in 3 rounds. A maximum of 8 players can play with one deck, yet it works better with 4 to 6 players.

Players testing our first prototype (2018, Leganés)


Shuffle the cards and give each player 6 cards, leaving the rest upside down on a main deck in the centre.

Each player may take the 2 auxiliary cards to have at hand a summary of the targeted Crypto Kits, and the security level of each tool.


Phase 1: 5 turns

Each player chooses a card from his hand and leaves it on the table, upside down. When all players have done this, everyone reveals their chosen cards by turning them face-up. Next, each player passes his hand to his neighbour on the left. Thus, in the next turn, everyone has a new hand containing one card less. This is repeated until the hand received by each player contains only one card.

Phase 2: 1 special turn + 4 turns

Special turn: Each player takes 4 cards from the main deck, which are added to his hand. Now, from the 5 cards he holds in his hand, he must choose and play a card (as in a normal turn). Furthermore, he may replace up to 2 of his already played cards with cards from his hand, discarding the cards that have been substituted in a face-down pile on the table. Now, before passing the hand to his neighbour, each player should take from the main deck as many cards as he has substituted (so that he anyway passes a hand of 4 cards). Now, the game direction shifts and normal turns are played until everyone is empty handed. At this point, the round ends and scores are publicly computed.

Scoring one round

Players can only score points for complete Crypto Kits. Each Crypto Kit scores, in principle, 16 points. However, players must subtract from this score 2 points for every card with Medium security level, and 4 points for every card with Highly-dubious security level. On the other hand, for each Crypto Kit constructed only with High security level cards, 4 extra points are added (i.e., this extra security Crypto Kit scores 20 points!).

Scoring draft of a 3 round game. Two players win!!

Scoring Crypto Kits: Example 1

Scoring Crypto Kits: Example 2

Scoring Crypto Kits: Example 3

Scoring Crypto Kits: Example 4 - Round played by Donald, Everest, Dragon and Elly

Elly is the winner!! She has three Crypto Kits, one made only of high-security cards and a third one containing a medium security card and a poor security one: 16 + 4 + 16 + 4 + 16 -2 -4 = 50 pts

Ending of the game and winner(s):

The player/s scoring more points after 3 rounds wins the game.

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