Crypto Sets and Crypto Kits

The goal of each player is to get as many Crypto Kits as possible, which should be as secure as possible!

A Crypto Kit comprises sufficient tools to attain the three main properties we target: Confidenciality, Integrity and Authentication (CIA).

Crypto Kits are constructed from Crypto Sets.

Crypto Sets:

  • Crypto Set CS1 (Confidenciality + Integrity + Authentication): an AE card combined with a BC card.
  • Crypto Set CS2 (Confidenciality): an SC card or a combination of an OM card and a BC card.
  • Crypto Set CS3 (Integrity + Authentication): a MAC card combined with either an H or a BC card.

Crypto Kits

  • Crypto Kit CK1: It is a Crypto Set CS1.
  • Crypto Kit CK2: It combines two Crypto Sets, one of type CS2 and other of type CS3.

CK1 = CS1

CK2 = CS2 + CS3

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