About Crypto Go

References & Credit

The authors quote as main reference the document D5.4 Algorithms, Key Size and Protocols Report published in February 2018 within the project ECRYPT – CSA (ICT-2014 – Project 645421), funded by the European Union (see here).

Crypto Go is a card drafting game similar to many other existing games , in particular, it is inspired in the well known game Sushi Go, by Gamewright.



Many people and institutions have helped us develp Crypto Go. We are indebted to all of you, but specially to:

  • Álvaro Planet, helping us with the web and participating in many of our workshops till January 2019
  • @nuria_pp, your help and support have been crucial to us!
  • @TipiaImpresion and their great project #Ludotipia for producing personalized games
  • Our testers, in particular the members of COSEC Lab and the "Iñigo Montoya" board game club @UC3Montoya

We also want to acknowledge the financial support provided by INCIBE and FECYT for the following workshops: Semana de la Ciencia 2018 at UC3M, CyberCamp 2018, and Viernes Tecnológicos 2019 at UC3M.

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