Stream ciphers (SC)

SC take a data stream and transform it secuentially, mixing it up with a key. This process can be reverted... but only if you have the key!

Stream ciphers (SC) in Crypto Go

SC cards allow building Crypto Set CS2 (Confidentiality) by themselves (there is no need of other card).

SC forming a CS2

Crypto Go contains 15 SC cards, considering the following 15 concrete tools:

  • HC-128
  • Salsa20/20
  • ChaCha
  • SNOW 2.0
  • SNOW 3G
  • Grain 128a
  • Grain
  • Mickey 2.0
  • Trivium
  • Rabbit
  • A5/1
  • A5/2
  • E0
  • RC4

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