About Crypto Go

Crypto Go is an educational card game designed to teach up to date symmetric cryptography. Crypto Go decks consist of 108 cards, representing modern cryptographic tools. Furthermore, each player is given 2 cheat sheet cards showing how to combine these tools and their security level. There are 6 different types of cryptographic tools involved in the game, whose corresponding cards can be easily identified by its color.

Crypto Go: our Goal

Crypto Go is designed to engage players with symmetric cryptography, and teach them about the correct usage and security level of symmetric tools.

It makes players aware of the ephemeral nature of security levels and standards, and stimulates them to learn more about real-world cryptography.

Crypto Go: HowTo

It is recommended to combine Crypto Go with a talk introducing the basics of symmetric cryptography. The game can thus be used as a starter for crypto courses, as a supplementary activity in computer science or mathematics courses, as well as an exciting training venture for a diverse professional body. For those with a solid background in cryptography, it can of course be played just for fun!

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