The Cards

Crypto Go consists of 108 cryptographic tool cards, 16 auxiliary cards (2 per player) and 2 instructions cards.

Tool Cards

There are 6 types of cryptographic cards, each identified through a color. Each card type represents a different symmetric cryptography tool:

  • 3 types correspond to cryptographic primitives, with given acronyms SC, BC and H
  • 3 types correspond to combined constructions, with given acronyms OM, MAC y AE

Each card represents a concrete tool within the given type. The tool type is written in the card (upper left side and bottom) and indicated by the card color. The tool name is given in big black letters.

[Click in the images bellow to learn more about each tool type]

SC Cards

(Stream Cipher)

SC cards represent stream ciphers.

The card above represents the stream cipher Salsa 20/20

BC Cards

(Block Cipher)

BC cards represent block ciphers

The card above represents the block cipher AES

H Cards


H cards represent hash functions.

The card above represents the hash function SHA-3 256, 384, 512

OM Cards

(Operation Mode)

OM cards represent operation modes.

The card above represents the operation mode FFX

AE Cards

(Authenticated Encryption)

AE cards represent authenticated operation modes.

The card above represents the authenticated operation mode EAX

MAC Cards

(Message Authentication Code)

MAC cards represent message authentication codes

The card above represents the message authentication code HMAC

Auxiliary Cards

Two auxiliary cards are also provided for each player (8 players max.). These summarize the (currently assumed) security level of each cryptographic tool, depicted as follows:

High Security

Medium Security

Low Security

Security levels of AE and OM cards.

Security level of SC cards

Security levels of MAC and BC cards

Security levels of H cards

Number of cards for each cryptographic tool type

In Crypto Go decks there are different number of cryptographic cards of each given type. This number depends on how frequently a card type can be used for building Crypto Kits. For instance, BC cards can be used in up to 5 different Crypto Kit constructions; as a result, there will be many BC cards in a deck. However, AE cards are (for the same reason) scarce, as they can only be used to build CK1 Crypto Kits.

Being aware of the card type distribution is critical for developing the best winning strategy!

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